Awesome Tap Water Filters in 2017

People use filters for their water because they want to be healthier and know that what they are drinking is free from major contaminants. Tap water may contain over 300 chemicals and pollutants, including volatile organic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals like lead and mercury, endocrine disrupting chemicals, which may affect pregnancies and cause cancer, and fluoride, a controversial element that is purposefully added to drinking water.

Bottles can expensive and create major consumer waste using a filter for their tap water is a better option. Consumers can choose a pitcher filter, like Brita that uses granulated charcoal to take some contaminants, they go with a faucet mount, they can use a countertop filter, of they use and under-sink filter. These may include reverse osmosis systems, distilled filters, or solid block carbon filters. Here are best filter for tap water.

Clear20 CWS100A Pitcher
This pitcher filters quickly into its slim carafe, unlike some other pitchers that drip slowly. Its capacity is 1.75 liters, and its slender shape allows it to fit easily into refrigerators. It utilizes a hose that attaches to a faucet and leads to better taste and higher quality by filtering out lead and organic compounds.

Culligan FM-15A
This durable faucet-mount filter is a great value with its affordable pricing and long life. In tests, it significantly improved taste and quality of water. In addition, it is easy to put in and turns off automatically when liquid quits flowing.

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System
The main feature of this counter top system is its ability to removed the majority of fluoride. This option is less expensive than other types of systems, like reverse osmosis, which are normally required to remove fluoride. People who rent may not be able to install a permanent system, so counter top system like this can be a good choice.